Deal Site Marketers Association was created to help small businesses maximize their profits when working with Deal Sites. DSMA bridges the GAP that exists between the business and the Deal Site.

The Deal Sites do a good job of putting your message in front of potential customers with credit cards.  Your job is running your business.  So who comes up with the right message to bring in the right customer?  Who creates the strategy to get the new customers to come back? Who manages the deal to make sure everything runs smooth?

Thus The GAP is the strategy that makes a daily deal a huge success.

Most businesses are focusing their efforts on their day to day business operation, and are not experienced when it comes to marketing.

Most businesses aren’t properly educated about how to price their deal, structure it for maximum profits, what to do before the deal, during the deal and after the deal. This is where DSMA helps business, we fill the GAP. We represent businesses and ensure their daily deal experience not only brings in more customers, more website traffic, but also repeat customers and increase profits.

We help businesses answer the questions: 
• How much should I run my deal for? 
• When will I get paid? 
• What are the benefits o running on Deal Sites? 
• Which sites should I be listed on? 
• How do I turn customers into lifetime, long term customers?
• …and more!

Our positioning is very unique. We get paid based on performance. You don’t pay us upfront to run the deal, there is no fee to be on a deal site, so when you get paid you just pay us a percentage. We have an interest in making sure you do well! The better you do the better we do!

Our members are all required to go through a training that teaches them how to properly run a deal for a local business. In addition, DSMA members have special connections and relationships with deal sites, to ensure the best experience for businesses.