Eva Torner
Name: Eva Torner

Country: Australia

City: Mount Eliza

Bio:  Eva is extremely experienced in sales, business development and marketing having worked in this area with small and large multi-national companies, for more than 30 years. She has had a successful career in the Information Technology industry working with businesses ranging in size from small-to-medium local businesses through to well-known, high profile, multi-million dollar accounts with some of Australia’s largest companies and other multi-nationals. After she left the corporate world, Eva and her partner Leigh Wilson, who also has many years of marketing experience, established a marketing consultancy, which utilizes their skills and experience, in both online and offline strategies, to help local businesses promote their products and services so as to increase sales and improve their profitability. The marketing services provided by Leiva Marketing include: deal site marketing, reputation marketing, website design, social media marketing, business coaching and a range of related marketing and business growth strategies.

Past Deals Run: Currently working on a deal in Currency Trading.

Upcoming Deals: Resorts, health & wellness service providers and restaurants.

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