Deanne Hollis-DeGrandpre
Name: Deanne Hollis-DeGrandpre

Country: USA

State: California

City: Riverside

Bio:  Main Street Public Relations provides social media marketing, Web content writing, online coupon management, outreach calendar scheduling, public relations outreach, and strategic communications consulting to any size business. Services range from helping companies set up their own communications strategy with procedures, processes and tools (including training staff) to providing these services on a monthly basis. Whether or not you want to outsource your communications efforts to the public, other businesses, donors or any other constituents or establish an in-house system, we can help. You can hire a college grad or a $5 consultant, but there is no guarantee they will have the strategic wisdom to help you succeed. With over 15 years in the communications industry, we are poised to bring knowledge to the table along with all the new communications media to grow your sales network.

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