Jerome Beaudet
Name: Jerome Beaudet

Country: Canada


City: Montreal, Quebec

Bio:  At Maximize Vital Profits, we help businesses like yours leverage proven marketing systems to get them dramatic growth in their sales volume and profits. We can get you tons of new AND recurring clients in one bold strategy, by leveraging the power of existing advertising billion dollar giants.

We take full opportunity of the amazing shift happening in the consumer world with the ever growing power of Internet marketing tools, and the advent of the mobile revolution that is changing the way customers and companies interact together.

We use cutting edge marketing tools as well as “old school” methods that have stood the test of time. We always use a global strategic approach as we realize the goal is to get you the maximum results, not use one particular method or another as an end in itself.

Upcoming Deals: Deal with spas, specialized gyms, dentists and travel related

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