Juanita Ballah
Name: Juanita Ballah

Country: Canada


City: Windsor

Bio:  I’ve always be interested in the power of communication, so internet marketing and all of its parts are fascinating to me. It was this fascination and passion that allowed me to discover my new career online! I am able to help business while doing something I love!! Having managed both small & medium sized companies, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and responsibilities faced by business owners and managers; customer service, operations, staffing, supply, just to name a few. Add to that the title or marketer and it is easy to see why many are left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lost by their “do-it-yourself” approach. That is where LadyJ Marketing comes in. We can help! As we all know, the world of internet marketing is very dynamic and changing rapidly. Online marketing is critical now and in the future and with everything moving online, the health & vitality of a business depends on their ability to market online. By utilizing our services, you will have partnered with the best in the industry, taking advantage of tools, techniques and methods that are tested, tried and proven. The knowledge and experience we will bring to your marketing strategies are individualized, based on your specific needs and situation. We specialize in mobile & reputation marketing services that help businesses….. *attract new customers *get their customers to visit more often *encourage customers to spend more on each visit and *retain customers long-term through loyalty programs. We tailor our solutions around your business and aim to help with all of your internet marketing needs. Services: Lead generation Mobile Site & App creation Reputation Mgmt & Marketing Mobile Marketing Strategy: Creation & Mgmt (QR Code Strategy, Text Message Marketing). Please feel free to reach out to see how LadyJ Marketing can be of assistance.

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