Renwick Hines
Name: Renwick Hines

Country: USA

State: Colorado

City: Denver/Aurora

Bio:  Business Experience I have offered business loans and advertising for small businesses in the past and currently offer up to $300,000 for small business who need working capital. I also buy homes for cash in order to restore them to new condition, and I will buy anywhere in the US. Marketing/Sales Experience I have over 20 years of Marketing Experience and recently started using Deal Sites to bring the customers and cash to any and all businesses that I work with.

Upcoming Deals: I currently have 2 businesses pending presentation of the offer and one of the businesses is a vegan cook in which I am creating a massive winning campaign to keep her busy in 2013 via the Deal Site. Some of her Services are: Weekly meals Personal Grocery Shopping Dinner Party: Holiday parties Romantic Meal for Two Romantic Picnic for Two Vacation Package Birthday/Anniversary Celebration In-Home Cooking Classes Recipes Creation and menu Design A day at the market Weekly menu planning So as you can see there is plenty of opportunity for her.

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