Herman Olivera III
Name: Herman Olivera III

Country: USA

State: Connecticut

City: Shelton

Bio:  Herman Olivera III is CEO & President of Octomind Media, an online marketing company who specializes in getting small/medium-sized businesses noticed, building communities and establishing 5 Star Reputations. In today’s day in age anyone could build an esthetically pleasing website, but it requires a certain skill set to build an engaged audience that fully participates and create an overall culture giving your web presence a pulse. Octomind Media, is in essence a new breed of agency that helps local domestic and international businesses find their social media voices and build their digital brand reputation.

A Little More About Herman- Herman Olivera III, is a graduate from Sacred Heart University with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration. He is a certified personal/professional development coach, public speaker, online web presence and social media expert. From a young age, it was super clear that Herman was a little businessman. At 7-years-old he was operating a chain of lemonade stands in his neighborhood, ran a network of profitable paper routes and by the age of 10 he had moved onto “Handy Boy Herman” a full service landscaping and odd job service company. While in high school Herman held part time jobs after school, but ever the entrepreneur sold art and served as a personal shopper for young adults looking for cutting edge fashion trends from NYC. After high school graduation Herman decided to take a one year break in order to take things a step further with his self start label “Oli Gear” an underground street gear clothing line influenced by the skate and surf culture. Armed with a wealth of knowledge courtesy of the school of hard knocks and an entrepreneurial spirit, Herman decided to put himself through business school for formal training all the while working fulltime and pursuing other entrepreneurial pursuits. While in school Herman though not a self-proclaimed techie saw the importance of the Internet and e-commerce and embraced it fully.

In 1996, Herman launched “The Fresh Air Company” who sold air purification systems on a national level via the Internet and traditional channels. After selling “The Fresh Air Company” in pursuit of new challenges, passion for team building and implementing new technologies into an antiquated real estate/mortgage business model. Herman entered the residential/commercial mortgage sector. He served as a technology board member for a local board of Realtors, acted as a consultant, trainer and oversaw operations at Capital Mortgage in Connecticut and Florida. Along with running Octomind Media’s day-to-day operations Herman is acting Director of Pathfinder Management a Domestic and International Corporate Services and Business Consulting firm which he was a cofounder.

The shared experiences and credentials were not mentioned to impress you, but to impress upon you that his real passion is to not only impact the lives of his clients, but his own as well. Herman Olivera’s goal is to attain true success inside and out in his own life while making a difference in his client’s lives. It truly is the law of reciprocity at work. Giving of himself and getting the satisfaction that he served as a positive catalyst is the biggest reward one can get. Herman’s core belief from day one is I may work in business building and online marketing for a living, but my real business is people. Empowering others and sharing sound personal and professional advice is not only a big part of his life, it is his life. Although my various businesses obviously play an enormous role in my life, I always puts his family first and we can’t forget his Boston Terrier named “Chester”.

Upcoming Deals: Octomind Media intends on running deals that are educational, travel, adventure, culture and leisure related.

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