Merchant Experience vs. Customer Experience

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Merchant Experience vs. Customer Experience

As a business owner your first picture or image you see in your mind when you decide to get on a Deal Site is $$$ but is it really about that? The Merchants at the Deal Site think their commissions are better than offering a fair price for the customer experience.

The Merchants are creating an experience of their own and it’s called “pocket as much as we can” so they get the longer end of the stick and stick the customer with the short end.

 Don’t let this scare you away though this is just an example of people who are interested in Deal Sites but not negotiating their prices appropriately.

The DSMA stands on this philosophy actually that the customer experience comes first then everything else that follows along with it. The DSMA looks over all of these aspects including you getting a BANG for featured deal so everyone wins and no one gets the short end of the stick.

Inside of this article it is stated that Merchants are influencing overspending through their pricing which leaves them with more commission and the business owner with only the 60% percent that is left over after they take their 40% out of whatever the coupon ran for.

This is another reason why you need the DSMA to look after your best interest with the intention of looking after your expectations for everything to play out as it should.

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