George Price
Name: George Price

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Bio:  We are an expert deal site management firm. We help to develop and grow small and medium sized companies by helping them to make more money in less time. You can finally get that added rest, because we take care of all the marketing details. Now you can work on your business instead of in your business.

We will get you new customers by helping you leverage the enormous demand and popularity of local deal sites. Because of our vast knowledge and experience in this arena, we know how to position your business properly on the deal sites so that you walk away with new customers and profits for your company.

We are a full service marketing company. Some of our additional services include reactivation campaigns, maps marketing, reputation management, and mobile marketing.

Upcoming Deals: Travel deals – Wine, Romance and Adventure in the beautiful country of Argentina, South America 

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