Lois A. Armstrong
Name: Lois A. Armstrong

Country: United States

State: Florida


Bio:  I have always felt humbled to be a part of something that made me feel I was helping others. I started in retail sales since 1974 in the grocery business as a cashier and became a dairy mgr. In 1983 I started at the Breakers Hotel, as a cashier and ended in computer operations and as a night auditior. In 1985, I became licensed as a Massage Therapist. The techniques applied helped many people that were primarily sent from Dr. Robert Green, an Ortho. Surgeon, mostly using the Janet Travel method. In 1999, worked in Real Estate as a Realtor until 2011 as an independent contractor. Started my own Business as a Local Business Market Consultant using 2 platforms that compliment each other to run deals at a reduced price. Deal Site Profits put this together to offer more opportunity for growth. I chose to use both platforms to allow more growth opportunity for businesses to have more customers locally and more national at the same time. It’s great to feel like your really making a difference for others.

Upcoming Deals: Local Chambers, area schools and other local charities. . Offers charities an opportunity for 12% quarterly of all deals run and Chambers 2 % of their business members deals.

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