Erica Morton
Name: Erica Morton

Country: USA

State: Georgia

City: Atlanta

Bio:  Erica Morton is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with an enviable eye for detail and a knack for public relations. Her life’s work has been creating businesses in the areas of marketing while serving charitable organizations in and around Atlanta. A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Erica has founded numerous successful businesses including EricaKelliPr (fashion marketing and public relations services), The Local Market Hub (marketing for locals, by locals), and The Dappered Male (an exclusive online shop for luxury men’s accessories). Erica’s ability to cultivate meaningful relationships and match businesses with specific marketing strategies make her a flawless fit for the marketing industry. Erica is a benefactor above all else, living to serve and support the underprivileged and underserved in her community. Most notably, she styled “PURE FASHION” for “Bert’s Big Adventure” with Q100 Radio, sending terminally ill children to Disney World. Her compassion perhaps comes from her child; her twelve year old daughter who keeps her overjoyed to wake up each morning and her two cocker spaniels who remind her to always have a sense of humor and live in the moment.

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