CEO Gone + Groupon = Who Cares?

There has been a lot of unnecessary fuss about the former CEO, Andrew Mason being fired from Groupon and whether or not the Deal Sites were going to withstand this unexpected news.

No matter how unexpected things can get it shouldn’t get you down or change the way you’re currently operating in your business.

His firing should not affect the way your still doing business and the customers that your appealing to.

Here is a quick example for you and a quick response:

“He recalled a night out at a restaurant that received an overwhelming Groupon response. “The restaurant was people bombed by a coupon doing really well. We didn’t go back because it was such a bad experience. Digital coupons also can be problematic for franchisees, which sometimes aren’t notified of deals issued by company headquarters. And when customers storm in demanding coupons be honored, those unexpected transactions can derail small businesses for whom a firm grip on cash flow can make or break a business.” -Anonymous

Unsure if who made this comment the DSMA still responds with that if you have a new deal coming up isn’t it smart to train your staff to perform the jobs you need them to before going LIVE?

The DSMA helps your local business not fall into that fiasco and plugs the entire business into the Deal Site experience, other words assuring that everything goes as planned and everyone acknowledge the fact we are running a Deal Site special.

This in return turns that “bad experience” into a promising experience with your local business. Also your whole team will be on one page with one another so you all will have an understanding on what you’re doing during the process.

We had mentioned in a previous article that the key to a successful business starts “Customer Service” and if you have that down you will go a long way in any business.

Now take that derailed small business and get that firm grip on your cash flow that is going to build your business and sustain it for the long run.

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