Russell Viska
Name: Russell Viska

Country: USA

State: Minnesota

City: Saint Paul

Bio:  People told me when I was just a youngster that I had the heart of an entrepreneur. If I wasn’t out mowing lawns or detailing cars, I was checking out neighboring farms to see if they had anything I could hire myself out for. I opened my 1st brick and mortar (a gas station) business when I was 19, and have been on the move ever since. After some management opportunities I opened a couple of restaurants and then I found out what working from early morning until late night 7 days a week was like. There had to be a better way. I had always had an interest in technology, and built my first computer in the 80′s. I learned to use this tool to help run my business and helped other business owners as well. More recently, in 2011 I became Managing Director of Dot Com Secrets St Paul and am again helping other businesses achieve their goals. We recently added Deal Site Management to the array of tools we provide to our customers and are proud to have been accepted into The Deal Site Marketers Association.

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