Daily Deal Sites Shutting It’s Golden Gates on Reps, What Does This Mean For Small Business?

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Daily Deal Sites Shutting It’s Golden Gates on Reps, What Does This Mean For Small Business?

It has been rumored that Deal Site Giants are shutting their golden gates on their current reps as there is only space for a few players to play in this ball game. 

This means that their will be a much larger demand on the reps left behind to meet their monthly quota and bring in more deals to the deal site.

For a small business owner this might sound like hell that a Deal Site Giant is shutting their doors on their workers which speaks volume that the company may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

On the other hand this leaves a lot of room for small businesses to actually get seen now by these Deal Sites and jump into the lucky pot of gold before someone comes and takes it.

With the DSMA we help you do exactly that buy exposing your brand and business to these Deal Site Reps directly so the process is almost instant. We help you take your small business and get featured on one of the Deal Site Giants.

It’s the consolidation that we all expected as it’s increasingly a harder market to compete in . . . the way I see it there’s only space for a few players,” – Sam Yip

Yes this is true there is only space for a few players, but what about the Deal Site Marketers sitting on the bench? You see this is the time to shine for the DSMA because we are literally taking over that position for Deal Sites. For the business owner the DSMA brings in more customers and money for the business and for Daily Deal Sites we bring more deals and satisfied customers so it’s a win win for all.

In summary if you look at things the way they are and it will always appear to be the same, but look at something for what it could be and it will forever change.

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