Passive Customers = Daily Deal Sites

Daily Deal Sites are basically an online Walmart with your offer online being featured to over millions of people at one time rather than a few select people walking in and out your doors.

This is the time to take advantage of the opportunities of these Daily Deal Sites before your competition takes hold of this opportunity and eliminates your customer base for good.

This statement was made by Dave Gilbertson about Daily Deal Sites:

“Deals can be a powerful tool,” said Dave Gilbertson, vice president and general manager of Constant Contact’s SaveLocal service. “But perhaps more than any other tool, they need to be done right or they can be highly detrimental to a small-business owner.”

We love this statement here because he makes is that they need to be done right and operated with supervision and then that they can be detrimental to the business owner.

The DSMA assures that the deal the business would be running on the Deal Site would be as smooth of a process as a baby’s bottom. The DSMA strives to make sure that the customer experience is enjoyed to the fullest and that the whole process of getting the deal featured on a Deal Site will be easy.

Daves next point was that this could be detrimental to the business owner and yes that’s true for someone jumping into the opportunity without research and background knowledge on what to do next.

This is the standard for all the DSMA that we continue to excel at structuring deals that suite the best interest of the business and will appeal on the Deal Sites as an attractive offer.

The DSMA overlooks nothing and magnifies all the details before agreeing to anything that would not be in the best interest of the business.

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