Todd Casey
Name: Todd Casey

Country: USA

State: New York

City: Buffalo

Bio:  At Banda Media Inc we are assisting small to medium size companies to increase their revenue and improve their bottom line. As a marketing consultant for over 5 years in Buffalo, Western New York and Southern Ontario Banda Media is providing up-to-date services for small businesses in the US and Canada. We are certified specialists providing solutions to the age old problem ” How do I get more clients” and “How can I improve my bottom line”. Make sure that your business is easily found by the people and businesses looking for you, freeing you to do what you do best, “servicing” your customers. We are professionals who provide comprehensive interactive marketing and advertising services to small businesses, to allow them to maximize their revenue without sacrificing their quality of service or spending countless hours trying to figure out how do these things themselves. We specialize in Deal Site Management, Local Google + Maps Marketing, Interactive Marketing Solutions, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing & SMS Text Marketing.

Upcoming Deals: Auto Repair Company, Handyman, Dentist and Plastic Surgeon.

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