Rick Brown
Name: Rick Brown

Country: USA

State: North Carolina

City: Charlotte

Bio:  20+ Years of Sales and Marketing Experience. Owner of Brown Marketing Systems, a full service online marketing company that helps businesses get their offline marketing working for them online to generate new customers and effectively market to existing customers. Our goal is to provide a positive Return On Investment not only for the marketing dollars spent, but the time the business owner typically spends trying to oversee their own marketing. We take the burden of marketing off their plate so they can concentrate on what they do best, running the day to day operations. Our primary marketing emphasis lies in Mobile, Web Services, Email Marketing, Reputation, SEO and Daily Deals. The reason we focus on these services is that these are the most common areas that we can immediately deliver positive results for businesses. We are privileged to have an international clientele and enjoy working with many clients that are made up of many business professions.

Upcoming Deals: Restaurants, Hotel and Resorts, Travel, Local Deals and Entertainment.

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