Karen Ritchie
Name: Karen Ritchie

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Dallas

Bio:  In my 20+ working years, my focus has been interpreting business goals into workable, implementable, successful detailed plans…and then executing that plan. I’ve worked for very successful companies, names you’d likely recognize. But my passion has always been listening to someone describe what they want their team or department of those large businesses to become and then making a plan, hiring a team, and making those plans a reality.

Like many of my corporate peers, the cubicle got smaller and smaller and the online world got larger and more attractive. In 2004, I began investigating where I could make a contribution to online businesses. I learned about setting up running membership sites, profiting from eCommerce, driving list traffic, conducting 6-figure teleseminars, and implementing online marketing methods (I’m a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Online Business Manager).

There are so many exciting online businesses today, and I’ve worked over the last several years to transition my passion and skills into helping online (and now, offline) businesses find success. The North American Association of Hobby Farmers and West Texas BioEnergy are two of the online businesses I’ve helped.

Just so you don’t think that all my hobbies and interests are high tech, I also fish (caught my first black bass this year), have a backyard vegetable and herb garden, and sing in a large local chorus which sang at Notre Dame in Paris several years ago.

Upcoming Deals: B&B and outdoor adventure/activity business’ in Texas, such as exotic hunts, fishing guides, etc. 

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