Kirsten S. Barnes
Name: Kirsten S. Barnes

Country: USA

State: Texas

City: Houston

Bio:  Kirsten has 15 Years Sales & Marketing Experience working with small to medium sized businesses throughout the country. She has created profitable sales & marketing campaigns that have produced positive results for her clients. She understands the potential and limitations that business owners face on a daily basis and works hard to ensure profitability! Kirsten is a Senior Marketing Consultant with Ad Generals who specializes in helping businesses gain a return on their investment in the fastest possible time. And Kirsten has taken the company goal one step further by saying, if she doesn’t get you more clients, then you owe her nothing! You heard it right…She will only accept a percentage of the new business she gets you. So you pay nothing upfront and only after you’ve made a sale-GUARANTEED!

Upcoming Deals: Restaurants, Hotels, Spas & Resorts throughout the world. All types of deals.

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