Gordon Hurd
Name: Gordon Hurd

Country: United Kingdom


City: London

Bio:  Gordon Hurd is a business consulting expert, online marketing guru, motivational speaker, life coach and worship leader and preacher all rolled into one. He has been learning email marketing techniques over the last decade and has positioned himself as a global expert in the following areas through his marketing firm Dignity Marketing: -Email marketing and lead generation -Corporate Branding -Image Management -Affiliate Marketing -Sales Training -Video Marketing -Recruitment etc. Gordon has worked with businesses around the world and is now committed to working with UK businesses to empower them to leverage new technologies and increase their bottom line. Since coming into contact with the Deal Marketers’ Association, Gordon has committed himself to earning a decent living by helping businesses sell on daily deal sites and offering them the chance to build their own email marketing lists as they do so.

Past Deals Run: We are currently preparing to launch our bid for deals.

Upcoming Deals: We have identified key areas of interest for running deals including Golf, Hotels and the Cosmetic Surgery businesses.

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