Mav Highsted
Name: Mav Highsted

Country: United Kingdom


City: London

Bio:  Mav, a graduate from the Institute of Education, specialises in local business marketing and is co-founder of Peak Success Marketing, a deals consultancy firm. With her specialist knowledge of local deals marketing, Mav provides your business simple marketing solutions for you to connect with more customers for long term business growth. Mav has helped local businesses, including hair salons, car mechanics and gyms – manage their offline and online marketing campaigns to grow their customer base and increase profits. Mav is passionate about helping new start-ups and independent retailers. She organises and presents marketing seminars to local high street businesses to update them about current promotional and marketing strategies. Mav continues to collaborate with business owners, gaining invaluable knowledge and training in business management, consumer trends and social media marketing for business. She has recently partnered with Sonia Hoque, a social media expert, and formed a local deals consultancy firm, Peak Success Marketing, dedicated to helping local business grow their customer base.

Upcoming Deals: car mechanic, bakery, health and beauty retailers

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